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Apparently, Saturday nights are also for men. According to a new study published in Men and Masculinities , heterosexuals officially prefer a bromance to love.

Researchers interviewed male heterosexual students and found that the majority of them considered their friendship with other men more emotionally satisfying than their romantic relationship.

” The men we interviewed said that their friendship with men was less regulated and less tense. According to them, they must show a better version of themselves in a romantic relationship while in a friendly relationship with a man, they can remove their masks and expose their anxiety or vulnerability without fear of repercussions or be deemed ” says the author of the study, Adam White, a lecturer at the University of Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom.

Another study conducted by White’s team showed that friendships between men were increasing and that many more men have better male friends than twenty years ago.

” The men we spoke to made a clear distinction between friends and best male friends, and said the best Trialix┬ámale friends were far more important. It’s the equivalent of a love story, but without sex, “says White. Strong friendships between men usually involve shared interests, emotional intimacy, and physical contact.

Of course, it is important to note that these results are drawn from male sports students and that most of them compare the lightness of a strong friendship between men to “expectations and pressure” (as participants say under study) of a girlfriend in her twenties, unlike a long-term partner.

However, White explains that we live in a special era for male friendship: ” Today, young men grow up at a time when having a close and intimate but non-sexual relationship with another man is widely accepted and normal and where no one takes them for homosexuals or weird people, which was not the case before . ”

This is a very good thing: in addition to having someone you can let go, having a best friend boosts your brainpower , increases your tolerance for pain, improves the quality of sleep and reduces the risk of dying. heart attack and premature death.

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