Sports program to lose weight in 1 week

Do you want to lose weight naturally and get visible results in just 1 week? The solution is to put yourself to sport. For a better organization, think to establish a detailed sport planning . The program is even more effective if you alternate the different types of exercises.

To help you, here is a model of planning which will allow you to lose weight in 7 days. It is advisable to start on Monday and start each session with 5 to 10 minutes of warm up .

Sample sports program to slim down in 1 week
On Monday
Morning: 20 minutes of brisk walk
Afternoon: 45 minutes of swimming
Morning: 30 minutes of jogging
Afternoon: 1 hour of aerobics
Morning: 30 minutes of slit
Afternoon: 1 hour of Zumba (indoor or at home)
Thursday = rest
Morning: 15 minutes bio x keto of stretching
Afternoon: 20 minutes walk
Morning: 30 minutes of yoga
Afternoon: 1 hour of bodybuilding (15 minutes of rowing, 15 minutes of abs, 15 minutes of pumps, 15 minutes of squat
Morning: 30 minutes of rope jump
Afternoon: 45 minutes of swimming
Morning: 20 minutes of running
Afternoon: 45 minutes of cycling (outdoor or elliptical)
Menus adapted to this one week sports program
You now know how to lose weight in a week by establishing a coherent sport planning. But to get all the energy you need, you need motivation and a diet that is good for sports and weight loss . Here are examples of menus for 7 days .

Day 1
Morning: tea without sugar, bread + butter, 1 banana
Lunch: veal scallop, steamed spinach, 1 apple
Evening: grilled steak, green salad, 1 slice of pineapple
Day 2
Morning: tea without sugar, muesli + skim milk, 1 orange
Lunch: grilled steak , tomato salad, fruit salad
Evening: cooked ham, grated carrot, 1 avocado
Day 3
Morning: coffee without sugar, 2 slices of cereal bread, 1 mango
Lunchtime: 2 omelette eggs, steamed broccoli, 1 tangerine
Evening: rice with shrimps, Italian salad, 1 pear
Day 4
Morning: coffee without sugar, oatmeal + skim milk, 2 kiwis
Lunchtime: grilled chicken, cucumber salad, 1 natural yoghurt
Evening: velouté of zucchini, fruit salad
Day 5
Morning: tea without sugar, 2 slices of bread + butter, red berries
Lunch: grilled fish, tomato salad, 1 apple
Evening: Al Dente spaghetti with lean cheese, 1 egg omelette, 1 mango
Day 6
Morning: coffee without sugar, muesli + skim milk, 1 slice of papaya
Lunchtime: grilled veal, low-fat Italian salad, 1 tangerine
Evening: 2 boiled eggs, raw vegetables, 5 strawberries
Day 7
Morning: tea without sugar, 2 slices of bread with cereals, fruit salad
Noon: grilled fish, raw tomato, 1 banana
Evening: cabbage soup, 1 serving of lean cheese , 1 pear

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