Sample Weight Watchers Menu at 23 points

The Weight Watchers diet, everyone knows more or less . From the outset, all you need to do is answer a few questions to get your own personal quota, and from there, the program allows all foods on the condition that you do not exceed that quota.

It sounds simple but it can happen that we lack the idea over the days. It is also obvious that it is better to prepare a balanced dish than to spend all the points of a day in one slimquick keto big cake. Here is a dietary example of a 23-point menu.

What to eat in the morning?
As soon as you wake up, start your body in good condition with a tasty assortment consisting of: a cup of tea (or coffee) without sugar, accompanied by bread (about 50 grams) on which you can spread a teaspoon of lightened butter , as well as two teaspoons of jam without added sugar.

If you are still hungry, you can add 100 grams of lightened white cheese and a fruit. After calculation, you will see that this menu only costs you 7 pts ww.

What can I eat at lunch?
The benefits of a balanced diet are many but above all, it is this notion of pleasure found because ultimately, you can actually eat everything. You make a cross on perpetual frustration and hunger!

For your lunch, you can for example opt for a vegetable salad (green salad, tomatoes and cucumber) drizzled with a drizzle of light vinaigrette, followed by a beautiful salmon pavé that you have prepared in foil or steam.

This salmon can be served with 100 grams of mashed potatoes and vegetables (60 grams of green beans and a carrot) also steamed. An apple for dessert closes to perfection this meal at 5 pts.

How to make a nice meal at night?
You just have to find the right recipe but overall, you can still treat yourself with a croque-monsieur on a bed of green salad. For dessert, the combination of a fruit and a portion of lightened white cheese is ideal. This small meal costs you 8 pts.

Am I entitled to a snack if I’m hungry?
Yes since you still have 3 pts to spend. For a healthy snack, you can choose between 1 yogurt 0%, a white cheese sprinkled with a little honey , a kiwi or 2 mini biscuits with tea without sugar.

You now have a fairly detailed overview of a typical day at 23 propoints! Enjoy your meal !

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