Put stress on the carpet!

With winter, the bad vibrations and the metro-work-sleep routine are exaggerated. Take good habits today to relieve stress in the ropes before it attacks.

1- Make a digital detox
You have an iPhone taped in your hand, you get up at night to check your messages on your mailbox, and you change Facebook status every twenty minutes? Afraid of missing something when you are not connected? You are addicted to the NICTs. Set up a “no” day (or a night to start): once a week, turn off all your high-tech gadgets to focus on real life (not on TV).

2- Eat zen
When morale is low, resist the chocolate bar and prefer the seeds. Pumpkin seeds, stuffed with magnesium, or almonds (rich in calcium and magnesium), they have real anti-stress properties. Grilled and unsalted, it’s better. Also put garlic, chestnuts, tarvos testo bananas and leeks on the menu: they are very rich in vitamin B6, a deficiency of which would cause nervousness, irritability and even depression, according to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience Nursing.

3- Mo-de-ra-tion
Cult of the frime, the bling-bling, and the jet-set: nothing worse to put the mood at half mast way “and why me, I have a life of m …? “. Why live in frustration when you just need to relativize? Adopt the philosophy of “It m’suffit”! Do not stop dreaming, just choose dreams to your measure.

4- Become a Buddha
No need to spend ten years meditating, just learn to control your mind to achieve “right thinking,” advises Giulio Cesare Giacobbe in How to Become a Buddha in Five Weeks (First Ed.). Take a step back from your negative thoughts. Begin by calming your body: several times a day, make eight deep breaths.

5- Star treatment
Enjoy a relaxing break, it’s ideal to set the record straight. In the spa, treat yourself to a relaxing parenthesis consisting of coaching and sports training, massages, chocolate wrap, balancing care, etc.

6- Stop the noise
Do you share your open space with talkative colleagues? Your darling has an angel face, but at night her sinuses make a chainsaw sound? Do not let the outside world attack you anymore. In the office, invest in a pair of in-ear earphones with effective isolation of ambient noise to avoid having to mount the sound of your MP3. At night, test the foam earplugs, which take the form of the auditory canal, to rediscover how the silence is golden.

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