Losing 1 kg per week with sport: the winning method

To lose weight, it is necessary to create a caloric deficit and thus burn more calories than you will ingest during the day . If you often say “I want to lose weight but I hate to deprive myself and be hungry”, it is by doing sport that you can lose weight.

Easily lose a kilogram every seven days and tone up your figure with regular physical activity.

Practice an endurance sport to lose weight
To get the most out of it, slimquick keto adopt an activity that burns a lot of calories and makes you want to give your best. Running is ideal for beginners as it allows for rapid progress.

If you can only run for a few minutes during your first attempts, you will progress quickly if you exercise at least three times a week. Very quickly, you will be able to run for half an hour but also to adopt a more sustained rhythm.

To motivate yourself, go out and run with friends or colleagues or sign up for a race like a half marathon, 20 km from Paris or even the Parisienne. Know for example that one hour of racing at only 8 km / h will make you burn 500 calories.

To test and strengthen your endurance, you can also go swimming, brisk walking or cycling.

Muscle harmoniously
Bodybuilding and muscle building play a very important role when you want to lose weight in a harmonious way. Some exercises can be done at home such as pumps or boards. These can be performed in a ventral or lateral position.

In both cases, their goal is to strengthen and strengthen the abdominal belt . The board exercises are perfectly recommended if you are trying to get a flat stomach. If you have access to weight training equipment , we advise you to do dumbbell lifting to strengthen your arms but also to try the rower.

The elliptical bike is also recommended to work the muscles of the calves, thighs, abdominals and glutes.

Have fun to lose weight
It’s sometimes hard to keep your motivation intact during a diet . The best is to practice a multi activity. Take a membership in a gym that you like the atmosphere, sign up for zumba classes , salsa or aerobics, or train several are excellent reflexes to take.

Some rooms offer free personalized follow-up and others sessions with a coach who will help you keep your determination intact. For a relaxed, good-natured atmosphere, slimquick keto try the Swedish gym that lets you play music for an hour.

Regular physical activity helps you lose weight smoothly and harmoniously. Very quickly, you will appreciate these moments just for you, excellent to lose weight but also to let off steam, relax and get busy.

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