How to lose 11 kg in 2 months?

Lose weight 11 kilos represents a significant weight loss, it is recommended to stagger to achieve its objective smoothly . If you need to lose those pounds in just two months, it’s better to have a good stabilization period afterwards. Here’s how to meet this challenge !

Determine the right time to go on a diet

For a slimming challenge to be a success, it is important to tackle it in the best possible conditions. So, if you’re stressed or you’re having a difficult time, professionally or personally, this is certainly not the best time for a plan .

Before you start, always think to consult a health professional to take stock.

Prepare low calorie menus

To have a nice flat stomach , burn fat and lose weight, no secret, you have to hunt for calories . Most experts agree that you need to reduce your daily intake by about 500 calories to cause weight loss.

So stick to low-energy foods like fruits and vegetables as well as lean meats. Vary recipes and preparations to keep your motivation.

Sculpt a toned silhouette

The Sport is essential to accelerate weight loss but also to build muscles and refine tummy , hips and thighs. If you are not a great sportsman, you are certainly wondering how to do it . Be aware that many rooms offer personalized follow-up with a coach.

He can design for you a list of personalized exercises . The ideal is to alternate different activities such as courses fitness , sessions bodybuilding , a split workout , cardio and endurance sports such as running or a cardio session . You can also practice at home, for example, with a series of pushups and squats every morning.

Combining low calorie menus and high-dose exercises will help you lose weight . But be careful not to exhaust yourself, always plan a snack before you spend . Similarly, at the end of these two months, continue to eat light in the evening and exercise as much as possible to maintain your weight.

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