Gluten free cohen diet: menu examples

Expert in nutrition, and well known by the media for several years, Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen has developed a diet whose principle is simple : eat all the food in limited quantities while doing more exercises to increase its expenses energy.

Easy to put into practice and benefiting from many positive reviews from those who have tested it, the cohen diet adapts perfectly to a gluten-free diet .

Principle of the cohen regime
The diet of Dr. Cohen is not the most difficult to follow. It is based on a reeducation of eating habits and is based on two principles: no food is prohibited and reasonable natura farms keto differences are allowed during the regime. The diet is varied and balanced and since it is possible to eat everything in small portions , there are few frustrations.

In case of intolerance to gluten, simply remove the products that contain it such as pasta, wheat and its derivatives, breaded meats and certain industrial foods .

Interests and Benefits of Gluten Free Diet
Gluten intolerances and allergies are becoming more prevalent. In addition, the positive effects of a gluten-free diet on the body are well established . Indeed, not consuming gluten or limiting its consumption helps reduce digestive disorders. This allows to keep a flat stomach.

If the cohen diet adapts perfectly to this type of allergies or intolerance, it is also because it allows a wide range of foods. Thus, it is easy to compensate for the absence of gluten by eating fruits, vegetables or proteins. This plan does not present any risk of default .

Some examples of menu
Many of the recipes allowed by the Cohen diet can be prepared with or without thermomix . Here are some examples of a menu to follow to help you lose weight.

Tea or coffee
Buckwheat flakes
Sliced ​​chicken with orange
Having dinner
Zucchini flan with mint
Cheese portion
In conclusion
The diet of Dr. Cohen, it works if we respect the two basic rules: diversify your diet by eating fruits, vegetables and proteins while practicing regular physical activity .

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