Aqua step: principle and benefits slimming

Easy to practice, aqua step has many positive effects on the body . As a water gym, it generally has a focus well-being and form. Particularly effective for toning the lower limbs , it is ideal to heal an orange skin and slim down.

Some exercises also work abdominals, aquastep is also recommended to find a flat stomach.

The slimming virtues and benefits of aqua step
The aqua step is a good way keto drox to eliminate unwanted pounds. Practiced in water generally slightly lower than that of the human body, the activity will encourage the body to heat up, and thus burn calories .

Performed according to a dynamic and rhythmic choreography, it also promotes weight loss through exercises that the practitioner feels to achieve effortlessly and yet are very cardio.

Accelerating the heart rate, it strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves breathing and the sense of balance. To increase the intensity of the exercises, and thus to spend more calories , the movements can be done with ballasted weights.

The aqua step to fight cellulite
The aqua step is one of the most recommended physical activities to treat cellulite . The effect of massage of the water on the skin during the movements actually activates a lymphatic drainage and restores the latter its tone. Over the course of the sessions, the dimpling fades gradually and the skin regains a smoother appearance and the silhouette is refined. Legs and thighs offer a nice curve and the waist thins too.

Movements and movements especially solicit the muscles of the lower body, some movements will strengthen the muscles of the abs . The aqua step also helps to relieve the feeling of heavy legs since it improves the venous return. The approval of a doctor will be required in this case.

The aqua step: how does a course take place?
During 30 minutes to 45 minutes, a session of aquastep takes place in a slightly deep water. The pool water usually comes just above the waist. Directed by a coach, it consists of sequences of movements similar to the classic step , with a specific stepper with suction cup and non-slip surface.

Scissors, not hunted, mounted, descended, jumps …, the slow and fast movements of the lower limbs alternate according to the cadence of the music. Performed in groups,┬áketo drox the aquatic gym is a good method to lose weight and evacuate stress in a friendly atmosphere.

If you have high blood pressure, joint problems or heart problems, consult your doctor before registering for an aqua step class.

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