How to lose 11kg in 2 weeks?

Do you need to lose weight effectively in 2 weeks? Opt for the diet allowing you to lose weight and reach your goal . This is a big challenge, but you can easily raise it with a lot of willpower and motivation . At the same time, you must also adopt a healthier lifestyle by practicing sports .

There are several that help you lose 11 kg quickly , provided you are regular and rigorous. It is better to do 40 minutes of physical effort a day than to spend two hours a day in a month.

Choosing the best slimming diet to eliminate fat

To melt the accumulated fats over time, you must certainly follow a proper slimming program. It must be Keto Buzz composed of balanced and varied menus. We must also focus on slimming foods for better digestion while allowing the body to have minerals and nutrients that are essential.

This avoids the feelings of fatigue and desires for cravings , especially since you must also have the energy to perform your fitness sessions. Start by drinking only water to dehydrate, because it contains few calories .

In the same perspective, also prefer vegetables and fruits with detoxifying and purifying virtues . You have the choice between asparagus , cabbage, beets , cucumbers, broccoli and zucchini.

You can also eat grapefruit , lemons, mangos, oranges or papayas. You must also choose protein-rich foods like calves, poultry or fish.

As far as the preparation is concerned, avoid all the fat by steaming or grilling. You can also mix fruits and vegetables to make slimming drinks that are divided into several portions and can be enjoyed between meals to better withstand snacks.

Practice appropriate physical activity

To have a flat stomach , you have to do the right exercises , including abdominal sheathing . These work all the belly muscles and effectively eliminate fat in this part of the body.

Still in the field of bodybuilding, you can also do squat that works the thighs and buttocks. As for fitness, it has the advantage of alternating the different exercises to preserve your cardio . These physical efforts also require a good dose of endurance. The more you practice, the more you eliminate the extra pounds.

Losing 11 kg in 2 weeks is Keto Buzz REVIEWS quite possible by opting for a healthy and balanced diet . You must also do physical activities that allow you to dislodge the extra pounds.

How to lose 11 kg in 2 months?

Lose weight 11 kilos represents a significant weight loss, it is recommended to stagger to achieve its objective smoothly . If you need to lose those pounds in just two months, it’s better to have a good stabilization period afterwards. Here’s how to meet this challenge !

Determine the right time to go on a diet

For a slimming challenge to be a success, it is important to tackle it in the best possible conditions. So, if you’re stressed or you’re having a difficult time, professionally or personally, this is certainly not the best time for a plan .

Before you start, always think to consult a health professional to take stock.

Prepare low calorie menus

To have a nice flat stomach , burn fat and lose weight, no secret, you have to hunt for calories . Most experts agree that you need to reduce your daily intake by about 500 calories to cause weight loss.

So stick to low-energy foods like fruits and vegetables as well as lean meats. Vary recipes and preparations to keep your motivation.

Sculpt a toned silhouette

The Sport is essential to accelerate weight loss but also to build muscles and refine tummy , hips and thighs. If you are not a great sportsman, you are certainly wondering how to do it . Be aware that many rooms offer personalized follow-up with a coach.

He can design for you a list of personalized exercises . The ideal is to alternate different activities such as courses fitness , sessions bodybuilding , a split workout , cardio and endurance sports such as running or a cardio session . You can also practice at home, for example, with a series of pushups and squats every morning.

Combining low calorie menus and high-dose exercises will help you lose weight . But be careful not to exhaust yourself, always plan a snack before you spend . Similarly, at the end of these two months, continue to eat light in the evening and exercise as much as possible to maintain your weight.