Anabolic steroids harm

P rakticheski everyone knows that anabolic steroids (anabolic steroids) are harmful to health, and professional athletes carry out anti-doping tests. If an athlete is caught in dope, then impose sanctions. This situation is legalized by the World Anti-Doping Agency, which has a whole list of prohibited steroids.

Every year this list is updated: stanozolol, methandrostenolone, retabolil ….

However, for amateurs and semi-professionals, the rules are not so strict, and many bodybuilders allow themselves to use illicit drugs from time to time. And therein lies a great danger to human health. Some believe that only regular intake of steroids is supreme 500 male enhancement harmful to the body. In addition, it is believed that periodic doping is beneficial for the body: drugs stimulate the metabolism of proteins, thereby increasing body weight, accelerated regeneration processes.

But this is a misconception. No matter how often you take anabolics, they in any case cause irreparable damage to the body. Any chemicals should be prescribed by doctors. For taking each drug, and anabolic steroids are also among those, need certain indications. Remember that anabolic steroids are hormonal drugs, when taken, certain complications develop.

One of the main complications of taking steroids is endocrine disruption. The main component of anabolic – androgen, which is a male sex hormone. If a man takes such a drug, then he starts having problems with the male sphere: libido decreases, impotence occurs, prostate tumors can occur. In women, the result is also deplorable – male sexual characteristics begin to develop: hair grows thicker, and the ability to conceive a healthy child becomes questionable.

Anabolic steroids have a complex effect on the body. There is practically no system that would not suffer while taking anabolic steroids. This is the digestive system (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cirrhosis of the liver), and cardiovascular (development of hypertension, tachycardia), nervous (mood changes, aggression, and then sharp apathy). In addition, the muscular system, for the development of which athletes involved in bodybuilding, and take these drugs, also suffers. Muscle mass is growing so fast that the ligaments do not stand up and break. And one more thing to be remembered while taking dope is the possibility of stimulating the formation of a tumor in the body.

In addition, very often, “pitching” want to get a quick result from an anabolic intake, but the effect develops gradually, so athletes begin to take large doses to speed up the process.

The first mention of steroids in sports dates back to 1866, when the first victims appeared. Over time, the number of victims began to grow, and among them were well-known athletes, for example, Nikolai Shilo, who at the age of 26 died from a scratch due to immunity weakened after taking steroids. “Mr. America” ​​Denis Nyaman died of leukemia, and “Mr. Olympia” the famous Mohammed Benaziz from thrombosis. Increased mortality of athletes under the age of 18 years. So it pays to think carefully before even taking a single dope.

The basic principles of bodybuilding

Many people spend their entire lives studying dietology, biochemistry, exercise, training principles, etc. never having achieved good results. This is one of the rare sports where theory and practice are on the same level. Believe me, even after 10 or even 15 years, you will not study even half of all existing information. The only thing that pleases is the golden principles of bodybuilding, which absolutely everything is subject to: from beginners to competing athletes. Today it will be about such principles. After reading all of the following, you will surely find a couple of errors in your current training pattern.

1. Stretching

This is not about the string. We are talking about muscle stretching, which must be practiced for 15-20 minutes after each strength training. The fact is that the growth of the muscle group depends on various factors, such as the amount of incoming protein, power loads, proper recovery, etc. Unfortunately, many people forget about the factor of muscle fascia. It is this tissue that embraces all human skeletal muscles. Until the fascia grows in size, you will not get the desired volume increase. However, a 20-minute post-stretch stretch sends copious amounts of blood to the target muscle group, as a result of which it increases markedly in volume. This causes the fascia to temporarily stretch. In the end, after several cycles, you will probably notice how much faster the muscles began to grow.

2. Motivation

No matter what you say, and under the action of regular power loads the mental state is only aggravated. Life becomes dim in nature, but thinking becomes a rather difficult process. The activity of the brain and nervous system is greatly depleted by training, as a result of which there is no strength left for everyday life. As a result, you gradually lose the desire to train. All because of the monotony of training. If you change the training pattern every 5-6 cycles, you will never visit the monotonous feeling. The same exercises kill motivation in us, we begin to perceive training as an urgent work, although you only need to learn how to get pleasure from it.

The editors of our site use a slightly different load alternation scheme. We compose an individual training scheme in which only the number of repetitions, exercises and total muscle breakdown by days are indicated. Having come to the training, everyone chooses the exercises that they want to perform exactly today. As a result, every training day does not look like the previous one.

3. The basic aspect

Whatever good results you may achieve, do not forget about the basic exercises. Essentially, only such movements increase the mass, all the others are corrective, so to speak. Imagine an analogy with a beautiful cake. It makes no sense to pour chocolate icing (isolating exercises) on a non-existent or unprepared cake (body). To get started, get a powerful athletic physique.

Three main exercises: squats with a barbell on the shoulders, bench press lying, deadlift. Immediately after this trinity are followed by pull-ups, attacks, various basic traction for the back, and of course, presses sitting or standing. All other exercises practically do not add muscle mass. Do not believe? Try to go to the purely insulating movement for 2-3 cycles. You will instantly fall into the state of the muscle plateau. However, as soon as the basic exercises appear in the scheme, you will immediately get off the ground.

It is worth noting that often the failures of the beginner’s training are not related to the technique of execution, but to the wrong choice of exercises. Our advice to you is to focus on the basic aspect.

4. Intervals

The times of long and slow cardio sessions have faded into oblivion. Now every advanced athlete knows that only intervals can effectively burn fat, while not destroying muscle fibers. It is no secret that long runs lead to increased blood flow in the legs. As a result, blood from the muscles of the torso begins to slowly but surely flow away. Further, cortisol is involved in the cause and destroys the muscle fiber, splitting it into amino acids, which are used as energy.

To be fair, it should be noted that the intervals burn much less fat during the cardio session, so the work is done not only at the expense of fats, but also at the expense of carbohydrates, because fast runs are a power (anaerobic) load. But in return, you get increased heat production, which burns energy and at rest. Well, the main source of energy in such conditions are fats. That is why intervals are the most effective technique.

5. Balance.

All fundamental exercises must be performed while standing. Such a measure is needed for a reason. The fact is that the struggle for balance involves hundreds of stabilizer muscles, which in essence play a key role in muscle growth. Your working weights are directly dependent on the strength of the starting position. one beast test Here the factor of low center of gravity is important. Thin legs that you ignored, finally made themselves felt. The stronger your leg muscles, the lower the center of gravity. It turns out that strong legs will provide you with an increase in working weights.

In addition to standard “builder’s” exercises, you need to develop functional strength. It can be various climbs and jumps on the support. All these movements will teach your body to cope with finding balance.

6. Duration of training

Amateurs assume that the more you train, the better the final result. In fact, work with submaximal weights can last quite a short time. And after all, the effectiveness of the entire training depends on the working weights. That is why the most rational training is no more than 45-60 minutes. However, you must increase the intensity to unprecedented heights. Shortness of breath and slight dizziness always accompany this athlete.

Remember once and for all: long-term anaerobic exercise only destroys your muscles. By the way, the range that we have specified does not include the time for warm-up, stretching and other “charms”. The process of training itself should not go beyond one hour. This is a very important factor, take it seriously.

7. Pre-training activities

At the moment, the so-called pre-training complexes, which significantly improve the functions of the central nervous system and allow for more efficient training, have gained wide popularity. In fact, in most cases the placebo effect works. Your task is to conduct training at a high level without various pre-training. You’re not going to sit on these supplements all your life, are you? In addition, the savings can be spent on a huge meat cutting, or going to the movies on your favorite movie. In general, this money can be used more productively.

Well, if certain conditions force you to use pre-training, then here is our recommendation: one and a half hours before your workout, eat 100-200 grams of cottage cheese. And 30 minutes before the training, enjoy a juicy apple. By the time you start anaerobic work, your body will have a decent amount of free amino acids derived from cottage cheese. We need an apple for a short-term increase in blood sugar levels. The activity of the brain and the central nervous system directly depends on this. Here is the natural recipe of the pre-training complex.

8. Rest rest discord

All bodybuilders know: it makes no sense to torture yourself in training, if you then do not give the body a good rest. Muscles grow only during rest, namely in a dream. During this period, the body starts most of all anabolic processes. That is why you must provide yourself with a good rest, which will be accompanied by proper and high-calorie diet. It is necessary to sleep at least 7 hours. Even if you have to donate viewing your favorite news or correspondence with friends. If you take up bodybuilding seriously, then rest should be above all.

In addition, fresh air is an important factor. Try to spend as much time as possible outside the home. Oxygen plays a key role in human life, and anabolic processes are no exception.

9. The importance of carbohydrates

Of course, protein is an important macronutrient, because muscle fibers are built from it. However, carbohydrates, which play the role of energy substrates, are equally important. They are the main source of energy for our muscles. If your diet has a low amount of carbohydrates, the intensity and effectiveness of the training decreases markedly.

The athlete should eat only slow carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. Only such representatives of carbohydrates can satisfy our energy needs. Reception of products with high GI leads to a huge insulin release, resulting in drowsiness and relaxation. The fact is that insulin is largely responsible for the assimilation of various substances, and these processes take place more easily during sleep, as a result of which it tries to immerse the body in precisely this state.

In general, serve dishes brown or wild rice. Boiled potatoes in the “uniform” is also a representative of slow carbohydrates. As for fast carbohydrates, they can be taken immediately after exercise, but forget about all the cookies and other chocolate sweets. They are crammed with a huge amount of trans fat, which we talked about in the past.

10. More vegetables

Multi-repetitive sets, by definition, should cause a positive burning sensation in the muscles. Thus, the body gives us to understand that the target muscle group is full of lactic acid. It is formed during intensive physical work. On the one hand, this is an indicator of good training, and on the other, it negatively affects the entire acid-base balance of the body. As a result, the blood is oxidized above the norm, and many vital processes lower their efficiency.

High-protein diet adds fuel to the fire. It is no secret that products containing protein cause similar disruptions in the acid-base environment of the body. The only way out of the situation are vegetables. They cope with acidification of blood with a bang. In addition, vegetables are slow carbohydrates, albeit with low nutritional value. Eat more vegetable salads seasoned with olive oil.

11. Fats are not enemies

At the moment, from the point of view of the media and unfortunate nutritionists, fats are the main enemies of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, fats are classified as harmful and beneficial. Few people know about one interesting fact. Virtually all anabolic hormones, including testosterone, are made from fats, in particular – from cholesterol. Do not be afraid of yolks in chicken eggs, or excessive fat content in the cottage cheese. Rational nutrition implies the availability of all micro and macronutrients, without exceptions.

In addition, fats are a secondary source of energy, which is usually used at rest. Depriving the body of fat, you force it to destroy glycogen or your muscles. The only thing that costs a little to fence oneself is from animal fats.

Separately, I would like to mention linseed oil. It, along with fish oil and olive oil, is a repository of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, which are not deposited under the skin, as they are used almost immediately by the body. In addition, omega-3 accelerates lipolysis (fat burning). They also participate in brain activity and many other vital processes.

Get flaxseed oil and eat in the morning one tablespoon on an empty stomach. In addition, eat more fish and fill salads only with olive oil. Cooking processes can also be given in the hands of olive oil.

12. Powder protein: know the measure

Recently we talked in detail about powdered protein. You must remember that powdered protein is not a substitute for natural. It has a high biological activity, as a result, it enters into a huge number of chemical reactions. In particular, its excessive intake can reduce the synthesis of testosterone.

13. Vitamins The

modern human diet cannot boast of the presence of vitamins and minerals. In addition, in the winter we are deprived of all natural sources in the face of certain vegetables. We strongly recommend that you use the vitamin-mineral complexes of the pharmacy option. They will help avoid acute vitamin deficiency. In addition, the presence in the body of all the necessary vitamins will significantly accelerate the recovery process.

How many calories in the Minute Maid?

We no longer present the Minute Maid. Bottled, brick or can, the famous fruit juice is almost a madeleine Proust. And thanks to its 100% pure juice composition, it seems to have all good.

But by the way, how many calories does it contain? Not bad: with a little less than 50 kcal per 100 ml (for the orange and apple versions), the Minute Maid is hardly distinguishable from other brands.

The Minute Maid, a drink too rich in calories?
Even if it is without added sugar, a small glass of Minute Maid can quickly increase the caloric note. niwali keto If you follow a low calorie diet like Weight Watchers, this drink may well complicate your task.

In addition, a fruit juice is a lot of natural sugar, without any fiber … The best way to grow without chewing, and therefore without feeling satiety. That’s why the small morning orange juice, whether industrial or homemade, is today decried.

At this point, eating whole oranges is a much better option to enjoy the taste and benefits of fruit. And drink side, note that a lemonade, and even a Tropical Oasis, are much less caloric than a juice …

Is the Minute Maid healthy?
Neither sugar nor additives are among its ingredients, the Minute Maid is not a pure juice: made with water and concentrate, it does not have the same nutritional properties.

Frozen and reconstituted, the Minute Maid is actually a very processed product, probably less vitaminized than pure unprocessed juice.

However, this concentrated fruit juice has the advantage of being inexpensive, and of having a long shelf life, which makes it easy to store.

In the diet, what to replace the Minute Maid?
Not so innocent despite its “pure” formula, the Minute Maid wins to be limited or even replaced when you really want to lose weight.

At the café, ask for a homemade pressed juice: it will be just as caloric, but richer in vitamins! If hot drinking is right for you, unsweetened green tea will be an even more interesting option.

At home, do not reinvent the wheel, and go back to basics: the very classic lemon squeezed, taken with a little warm water, you will do the greatest good when jumping out of bed. Very low in calories, lemon juice has more fat-burning virtues!

Caloric and not so healthy as it looks, the Minute Maid is not a slimming ally. To reach the weight of your dreams, do not abuse cans!

Mesomorph: how to promote weight loss?

Mésomorphe : comment favoriser sa perte de poids ?

Spread the word. We are not all equal when it comes to dieting and weight gain. Some will tend to be thinner and take more fat while others will have more abs easily.

Mesomorphs are distinguished by their good metabolism. They are rather sporty and the advantage is that they can easily gain muscle.

However, they can just as quickly take fat if they are not careful. If you are in this category of people, you should be careful not to make too many misbehavior during your plan and continue training regularly.

This morphotype is distinguished from endomorphs and ectomorphs.

The special characteristics of mesomorphic people
Mesomorphic people will be able to eat anything provided they choose the right ingredients.

In terms of body type, they are generally wider at the shoulders than hips, even if there is no predefined morphology. They are people who like challenges. Especially important thing to note. If these people stop the sport, it will feel very quickly on their metabolism, resulting in weight gain so important.

With age, inactivity or a diet too rich, it is quite possible that this kind of people gain weight. But that is not irremediable. It is enough to practice an activity at least twice a week, like bodybuilding or cardio.

The result before after will be quickly visible if you adopt a suitable nutrition as part of a diet.

Tips for sports training adapted to mesomorphs
If you are lucky enough to be a mesomorphic woman or man, know that all the difficult and consistent training will have spectacular results.

For even more results that meet your expectations, you can train even more. Your sports sessions may be longer than for other categories. Since you are neither thin nor particularly fat, you will be able to work your muscle groups more frequently and gain major gains.

Each training will last between 60 and 90 minutes with a mixture of different movements and repetitions (about 10 to 20 repetitions). In general, mesomorphic people can set up their training routines like bodybuilders.

They will make real progress noticeable very quickly. If you practice cardio, know that in contrast to the ectomorphs you will not need to avoid it.

And unlike endomorphs, you will not necessarily need to use heavy loads.

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Nutrigenetics: How our genes affect our response to food

La nutrigénétique : ou comment nos gènes influent sur notre réaction aux aliments

Recent scientific advances have revealed many links between diet and the genetic system. These discoveries have given birth to several specialties, one of which is particularly on the rise: nutrigenetics. What is it exactly ? What are its applications? How can it be used to limit diseases caused by inappropriate nutrition? All answers here.

Definition of nutrigenetics
Nutrigenetics is a discipline whose birth is fairly recent. She studies the different interactions that exist between the nutrients ingested by a human being and his genes. It is actually a branch of nutrigenomics, a discipline that generally studies the impact of nutrition on gene expression, the mechanisms by which genes are transformed into proteins, and the modifications that this transformation entails. engenders metabolism.

It relies on powerful technological tools that allow it to simultaneously examine the 20,000 genes that make up the human genome and hundreds of proteins or metabolites contained in a urine sample.

According to nutrigenetics, since each human being has a unique and distinct DNA, the absorption, digestion and utilization of nutrients by each organism also takes place uniquely. This implies that there is no diet that is suitable for everyone.

The diet that is ideal for you may not be suitable for your neighbor.

The objectives of nutrigenetics
The main goal of nutrigenetics is to design a personalized diet that takes into account each person’s genes. The different experiments carried out have shown that for some, nutrients offer a better protection to their organism whereas for others, these same nutrients taken in the same proportions can be harmful.

Taking this factor into account, it would therefore be possible to develop personalized food programs that can reduce the risk of the appearance of various serious pathologies, including obesity.

The idea is to modify your eating habits and adapt them to your genetic specificities in order to improve your quality of life. For example, a person whose ascending parents have suffered from high blood pressure or diabetes could change their diet to avoid such diseases.

Of course, this is only possible if you know your genetic profile. For this, no need to undergo surgery. The test is very simple and does not cause any pain. A simple saliva sample is sufficient for all necessary analyzes.

Nutrigenetics is seen by many as the future of nutrition. In the coming years, it could be used to prevent many diseases through the establishment of personalized diet. Even if all its applications are not yet known, it is a preventive medicine that could significantly improve the life expectancy on earth. It is therefore very promising.

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How many calories in the fudge?

Fudge, this confectionery of English origin, is a highly caloric product. During a slimming diet, this delicacy flavored with caramel or vanilla should be consumed with great caution so as not to affect your health.

The calories contained in the fudge
High in calories, fudge is an ingredient containing 411 kcal per 100 grams. Composed of lipids, saturated fatty acids, potassium, sodium and of course carbohydrates, fudge increases your glycemic index very quickly. Even if it is rich in calcium and magnesium, this English confectionery is still not recommended during a diet like cookies.

Combined with an intense sporting activity, you will need many efforts to eliminate all those calories. Not suitable for a vegan with its lactose content, the fudge is easy to achieve in the microwave.

The disadvantages of this confectionery on health
Sometimes made of fruits, such as lemon or berries, fudge is not a healthy food in a balanced nutrition. Addictive like chocolate, this confectionery is more a treat than a dessert. In order not to consume more than enough, think of the many fats in a fudge.

Made from butter, milk and sugar, the base of the fudge is quite rich in fat. Less caloric than a toblerone bar, the fudge is still more greedy.

Try a homemade fudge recipe
Usually scented with caramel or vanilla, this product rarely marbles, is prepared with dried fruit or nutella chocolate.

80 ml of milk
220 grams of sugar
60 grams of liquid cream 0%
50 grams of dark chocolate
25 grams of butter
1 – With a thermomix, mix the sugar, milk, cream, then heat at 116 ° for 18 minutes. Let everything cool.
2 – Then, mix the butter and the chocolate with this preparation.
3 – Deposited on a plate, this culinary preparation will be smoothed using a spatula. For 4 hours, your preparation will be refrigerated before being cut into cubes for a gourmet tasting.

Highly appreciated, this product can be made with walnut chips, pistachio or marble vanilla and praline. In order to avoid deprivation, you can consume little but tasting it.

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What foods are allowed in the bootcamp diet?

What foods are allowed in the bootcamp diet?

The foods allowed in this diet are those with a relatively low glycemic index and with a real detox capacity.

Buckwheat is at the top of the list with its antioxidant properties and high fiber content. It has more, a satiating effect very appreciable when one follows a slimming diet.

What is the list of foods allowed in this diet?
No food is banned, regardless of nutritional value. The Bootcamp diet is still turning to a list of healthy foods that cover all the needs of the organization.

• Buckwheat and its infusion, the “sobacha” • All fruits with priorities in the detox phase: apple, banana, lemon, prunes • All vegetables with priorities in the detox phase: the artichoke, the avocado, garlic, pepper, cucumber • All spices • Crucifers: bok choy, cauliflower, spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts, watercress, kale and romanesco • All salads (green), in Especially young shoots • Chestnuts (including flour) • Quinoa • Muesli (unsweetened) • Oatmeal (unsweetened) • Tofu • Almonds • Pasta (whole wheat) • Fish (incl. including salmon) • Eggs• Meats: turkey, quail and skinless chicken, beef (in small portions of 100 to 12 grams), roast pork • Bread (if not white) • Dairy products from soy • Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa

Sample Bootcamp Sample Menu

“I’ve looked at the opinions of professionals and many of them find that bootcamp foods are healthy, that menus are balanced and profitable for weight loss. ”

• Pressed lemon • 1 cup of sobacha • 2 buckwheat pancakes with almond butter • Seasonal berries at will

• ½ avocado • Salad of corn salad • 1 slice of whole grain bread with hummus • Broccoli au gratin at will • 2 squares of chocolate • 5 almonds

• 1 glass of alkaline lemonade • 1 apple • 3 dates • 15 hazelnuts

Having dinner
• Unlimited cucumber salad • Salmon steak in foil • Whole rice • 1 yogurt soy milk

What is the bootcamp scheme (Orsoni method)?
This diet, followed by a “virtual” coach, is based on four principles: physical exercise, balanced nutrition , motivation and stress management.

It all starts with a “detox phase” to cleanse the body of toxins and prepare it for effective weight loss. Then comes the “attack phase” to lose a maximum of kilos and remove cellulite (hypoglycemic foods with low nutritional value.)

Then, the “stabilization phase” to avoid the yoyo effect and finally the “defense phase” to emphasize the absence of fad diets and strengthen the focus on the Bootcamp concept.

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What is Hailey Baldwin’s diet?

The diet of Hailey Baldwin can be summed up in some eating habits and some sports exercises that allow him to maintain his musculature and always keep a brilliant form and a body of dreams .

She is very attentive to all aspects of her body, and her hair on tiptoe, she makes every effort to make her image as perfect as possible.

What is Hailey Baldwin's diet?

What are the eating habits of Hailey Baldwin?
Hailey Baldwin has a special interest in breakfast, especially when her modeling day is busy: scrambled eggs and bacon , and depending on her mood, pancakes or avocado.

She calms her cravings with some almonds and some nuts. As for her detox drink, she has adopted hot water with lemon juice, but she also says she has a soft spot for ginger tea.

Hailey baldwin avoids eating bread and even if it does not opt ​​for a diet totally “free-gluten”, it greatly limits consumption (especially for pasta). She admits however not to be able to do without pizzas!

What are hailey baldwin’s sports activities?
A busy schedule and frequent travel prevent the girl from going to the gym regularly . To make up for it, she found a parade and when she’s far from home, hailey baldwin goes out with her friends. As soon as she returns to New York, she resumes her “routine” and attends Ballet classes.

The model has been practicing ballet regularly and very seriously for 12 years. She has thus fashioned an elongated musculature and sculpted magnificent forms. Her size (1.71 m) was not intended for modeling and in an interview, H. Baldwin said “do not definitively set aside the possibility” to make the Ballet a professional activity.

Advantages and disadvantages of the baldwin hailey regime?
The benefits are obvious: a harmonious musculature and no extra pounds, a “dream” skin and shiny and flexible hair. These benefits are linked to significant constraints, the main one being that they are time-consuming. “I get up to breakfast for the kids, go to the office, go shopping and get home tired . ” Most of the time, daily occupations take precedence over the attention you pay to yourself.

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How many calories in plum Queen-Claude?

How many calories in plum Queen-Claude?

50 kcal is about the number of calories provided by 100 grams of Queen-Claude plums . This excellent table fruit has a relatively low energy value. Its high fiber content makes it a food that can be reconciled with a diet. Juicy and fragrant, Reine-Claude plums are eaten fresh, in juice or dried, but also in jelly or pastry.

The slimming shop 
Nutritional and caloric value of Queen-Claude plum
May be golden, green or yellow, plum Queen-Claude is a seasonal fruit rich in fiber , antioxidants, iron and vitamins mainly of group B, but rather low in calories. The proportion of active substances and nutrients in plums, however, varies according to variety.

Phenolic compounds are partly responsible for the coloring of plums, the color of the fruit provides information on its antioxidant content. Black plum is one of the foods with great power to combat the effects of free radicals . Whether it is dried or fresh, it has the particularity of preserving its nutrients.

Plums Queen-Claude: diet and health benefits
In terms of diet and nutrition , the plum whatever the variety, is a true ally slimming because of its high fiber content, but also in water. If the presence of fiber is worth a fruit promoting the proper functioning of the digestive system, it also gives it a slight satiating effect.

The fruit also has detoxifying properties by stimulating elimination by the kidneys and may be slightly laxative . Its high antioxidant content gives it anti-inflammatory properties, a preventive action against certain chronic diseases, cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers.

Plum Queen-Claude: consumption and conservation
The plums Reine-Claude preserve very well in syrup. This mode of preservation and / or consumption is however not the best use of fruits as part of a slimming diet .

Their relatively high sugar content is indeed somewhat criticized . Plums are also known for making a brandy with a fruity and fine taste. While appreciated in digestive, it will nonetheless abstain from consuming the plums in brandy during a diet, the latter being a caloric drink.

It is also possible to cook the fruits , to make among others tartar or clafoutis. If you follow a slimming program, it is better to taste them in the form of juice, smoothie without adding sugars , as a table fruit or in the form of lighter preparations for dessert: coulis or compote.

In healthy smoothie version, the following recipe mixing 5 pitted plums, a banana, a kiwi, half of an orange and 250 ml of skimmed milk will allow you to concoct a creamy vitamin drink.


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Nachos: composition and calories

We serve them as an aperitif in a bar, sometimes at the restaurant or in the aperitif area of ​​a supermarket. But by the way, what are nachos? With 305 kcal per 100 grams, these fairly special corn tortilla chips are good allies for improvised aperitifs with friends.

A greed rich in calories
Nachos are not diet dishes, you have to keep it in mind. It is a kind of corn chips of Tex-Mex cuisine (and not purely Mexican), which is obtained after a nixtamalization operation and then frying.

They provide 305 calories per 100 grams, including 32 grams of carbohydrate (from cornmeal) and 17 grams of fat (cooking oil). They are eaten alone or as a side dish.

Know the different forms of nachos
In their simple form, they are tortilla chips. They are often eaten as an aperitif with guacamole and melted cheddar cheese. It is a westernized version of Mexican flavors that is as simple to prepare when you receive unexpectedly as delicious to enjoy in a bar or restaurant that serves as an appetizer or dish!

You can also prepare them with salsa sauce or chili con queso, or add slices of Jalapeno peppers.

The ingredients are so varied. Some people come up with unhealthy, but very tasty, personal recipes, with bacon for example. Nachos can also accompany a dish, such as chicken or chili con carne with beef.

Homemade nachos recipe
The nachos can be accommodated in vegan version (with vegan cheese in particular), or in a more natural or lighter version for people who pay attention to their line. In this case, opt for baking and lean cheese instead of frying.

– 100 g of corn flour – 15 g of paprika – 50 g of cornstarch – pinch of salt – 1 tablespoon of olive oil – A dash of fresh lemon juice

– Preheat the oven to 180 ° – Mix the flour, starch, paprika in a dish (possible thermomix) – Add salt and continue to mix – Flatten to obtain a large surface of dough and cut triangles – Put these baked triangles on baking sheet covered with parchment paper – Cook 5 minutes – Exit and reserve

This easy recipe can be served with guacamole or salsa sauce (homemade or not, although it’s better to make it yourself to limit kcal).

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